Applying Collaborative Filtering to Cross-Project Defect Prediction

Reto Zenger just finished his master’s thesis. The goal of his master’s thesis was to investigate if the concept of collaborative filtering can be applied to cross-project defect prediction. But first, you’ll need a little background. One research field in… Continue Reading

Applicability of Social Network Graph Patterns to Recommender Systems

Location recommendation based on Facebook's social network

Some research has already been done investigating Web-based social networks and its applicability for different tasks such as trust inferrencing with trust networks or collaborative filtering respectively recommender systems. My master student Reto Hodel applied social network analysis to a… Continue Reading

Personal, Private Movie Recommender System at the Semantic Web Challenge

I advised together with Gerald Reif the master thesis of Tobias Bannwart about a personal cross-site movie recommender system that is implemented as Firefox add-on. The add-on is known as OMORE and can be downloaded. We decided to bring OMORE… Continue Reading

Probabilistic Partial User Model Similarity for Collaborative Filtering

Our current work on a probabilistic approach to compute partial user preference similarities was accepted and published at the 1st International Workshop on Inductive Reasoning and Machine Learning for the Semantic Web (IRMLeS) at the 6th European Semantic Web Conference… Continue Reading