JSaurus – A Graph Visualization Framework in JavaScript

Jsaurus is a visualization tool to display a thesaurus with its nodes and relations in between. Jsaurus is written in JavaScript and DHTML. The goal of Jsaurus is to provide a piece of softare that manages every type of thesaurus and manages the visualization and behavior of nodes and relations too.
Jsaurus is build with the MVC design pattern. This pattern separates the model (data), the visualization and the control of the model from each other and defines interfaces to communicate between each layer. The advantages is the creation of more transparency and each layer can easy replaced by a new version or a complitely other one. In the Jsaurus case, the model is the thesaurus, the controller and eventhandler build the control layer and the visualization layer consists of a particle system and a renderer.

Below you can see an example of a thesaurus with 5 nodes and wihthout any relations. The particle system calculates the behavior of the nodes in the viszalization. The current particle system gives a kind of gravitation to each node. It calculates the force of gravitation and infers the velocity and position of each node. The example below shows remembers to a 3D planet system.

I’m developing Jsaurus for my diploma thesis about a Graph Based Knowledge Browser for a CMS. I’m looking forward to visualize knowledge maps for enterprises using Microsoft Sharepoint Portal Server. But I’m still in the beginning of my diploma thesis. It will end in 6 months from now on.

Amancio Bouza

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