Knowledge Graph for the Exploration of the Wikipedia

Based on the graph-browser JSaurus, I implemented Wikigraph, a simple graph-based visualization of the content of Every node in the graph represents a topic. Topics are connected to each other if and only if one topic refers to the other one. The references are take from the meta tag keywords of the topic’s website.

But what is the advantage of the graph-browser Wikigraph? Well, first of all, it is possible to create a knowledge map of wikipedia‘s content. The knowledge map shows which topics are related to other topics. You have a breath overview about related topics. In other words you see the context of a selected topic.
As an example you can search for Informatics. As result you get Informatics and some linked topics (i.e., Mathematics, Information, Information System). You get the related topics to the related topics to. With all the relations you the context of the informatics.
The context can support you understanding a specific topic rather to read its content twice.

The main advantage is that you don’t have to find the right keyword to find the specific topic anymore. You search by context and not by keyword. You only have to search for a topic of the same context. You get a map of topics of the same context and you can selected the right one or browse further. So, Wikigraph provides not only searching by keyword, it provides searching by browsing too.

Amancio Bouza

I'm driven by curiosity and passion. My personal goal is to improve people's life, change the world and do cool things. I'm passionate about discovering, learn, and experience new things.