Proposal Using Collaborative Filtering to Create a Win-Win-Win Situation and Engage People With UBS Has Been Awarded

The Swiss banc UBS, one of the leading players in the global financial market, announced a contest on how Web 2.0 may help the UBS.
In particular UBS was looking for Web 2.0 concepts between 5 and 10 pages focusing on UBS client facing applications such as mobile or E-banking. In the contest description, the UBS described their daily business and main targets such as young urban people that participate already in the world Web 2.0 such as Facebook and Wikipedia, etc. The participant were requested to hand in a proposal of how Web 2.0 can be applied to the UBS and provide explicit implementation details.


In the following, I present the proposal on using collaborative filtering in the context of client advisory.


Amancio Bouza holding the Golden Brain trophy.

From my experience of the people interacting with the Web 2.0, I built the following user model:

  • like to share experiences and generate feedback
  • like to generate content and to contribute
  • want to be part of something bigger
  • trust other users more then experts based on the Wisdom of Crowds assumption
  • are intrinsic motivated
  • are connected everywhere and every time
  • do not honor guided help of experts or systems
  • want do discover and explore

Based on this user model, I described the challenges of client advisory in general, showed how collaborative filtering meets the user model of the Web 2.0 and how collaborative filtering faces these challenges to build trust between client and adviser, empower the client to explore new possibilities, create adequate personalized product and service bundles, etc. . In additon, I proposed an framework that extends the current advisory process with collaborative filtering.

Finally, my proposal on “Collaborative Filtering – A Driver to Enable Clients to Explore, Share Experience and Build Recommendations for Products & Services” has been announced by the UBS jury as one of the three winners.
Congratulations to the additional two winners:

In addition, it has been awarded with the golden brain trophy from Starmind, a platform where expert knowledge and solutions to specific problem are traded. My proposal has been evaluated by the UBS jury as “creates a win-win-win and trust for clients and engages client with UBS”.

The contest has been announced on the 12th Web monday event in Zurich

Amancio Bouza

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