Starting as PhD Student in the Area of Recommender Systems and Semantic Web Technologies

I’m starting my PhD in July. I’m associated with two research groups from the Department of Informatics at the University of Zurich. That are the Software Evolution and Architecture Lab (s.e.a.l.) headed by Prof. Harald C. Gall and the Dynamic and Distributed Information Systems (DDIS) headed by Prof. Bernstein. I’m lucky to start working on the hot topic of recommender systems. The overall goal of the joint work with an industry partner is the development of a web-based location recommender system. This project is partially supported by the CTI (commission of technology and innovation) because of its high potential use in different areas like tourism. The CTI is the national agency for innovation. The CTI supports the knowledge transfer between companies and universities to create innovation and not just inventions.

Well, I’m extremely happy and proud having this chance to promovate advised by excellent advisors even if I get payed less then I would get in the industry. But who cares about money, right?. What I looked for was a great challenge that only a PhD can provide.

Kick-Off Meeting of the Localina project

Kick-Off Meeting of the Localina project

Amancio Bouza

I'm driven by curiosity and passion. My personal goal is to improve people's life, change the world and do cool things. I'm passionate about discovering, learn, and experience new things.